Little Albert and Classical Conditioning

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For the Week #3 project, you need to review an article on Little Albert. Make sure you follow the instructions so that you access the correct article. Once you review the article, you need to formulate a paper (title page, body pages and reference page) answering all of the questions. You must cite your article in the reference page (along with other resources – alphabetically by author/researcher), and you should be citing your article (and any others) in the body of your paper. Remember to use the APA tips/tools I shared, as well as the sample papers. Once you review the article, you need to formulate a 1 to 2-page Microsoft Word document (NOTE: your Title Page and Reference Page are NOT part of the 2 pages, and NO Abstract is needed).


Write your paper following the outline below:

    1. Introduction
      1. 5 to 7 sentences with the final sentence stating the ‘purpose of this paper is…’
      2. This paper will focus on ‘state the topic’
      3. ‘The purpose of this paper is to ‘state the assignment detail’
    2. Body
      1. Paragraph One
        • In 5 to 7 sentences, ‘what are unconditioned stimulus (US), conditioned stimulus (CS), and conditioned response (CR)’
      2. Paragraph Two
        • In 5 to 7 sentences, ‘Explain the concept of generalization in regards to Watson and Rayner’s ability to condition Albert to react to different stimuli such as masks, other animals, and a fur coat?’
      3. Paragraph Three
        • In 5 to 7 sentences, ‘Using examples from the study, explain the concept of extinction’
      4. General Reminder…Cite sources within the body of the paper and use a page number if you are directly quoting
    3. Conclusion
      1. 5 to 7 sentences restating paper content
      2. Restate what you were writing about (topic) and put in your reflections as ‘the author’ rather than ‘I’
    4. Reference Page
      1. Use at least one source in the reference page
      2. If you use additional sources, list them alphabetically by author/researcher
      3. Remember this is a ‘REFERENCE PAGE’ NOT a ‘Works Cited’ page
    5. Name your document SU_PSY1001_W3_Project_LastName_FirstInitial.doc



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