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Our Writers


College Nursing Papers values its writers. We recognize that it’s only through them that we are able to fully satisfy our clients. We, therefore, put in a lot of effort to vet and carefully select only the best writers to join our team.

How we select our writers

To join our team of professionals, all our writers have to pass through several quality control stages. First, we require satisfactory evidence that they have previously excelled in the medical field. Being a Nursing Assignment Academic service, it is crucial that we hire only knowledgeable writers with a good background in medicine. All writers are required to submit their academic papers showing that they have, indeed, studied medicine for a manual review.

After verifying the papers, we subject all new writers to an interview and several online tests to adequately test their writing and proficiency skills.Here we evaluate their citation skills, ability to conduct comprehensive research, and produce plagiarism-free papers. We then select the best performed writers and add them to our team of professional writers.

Assessment criteria

Our online assessment of new writers looks at various writer skills. We test the research skills, proficiency in the field of Nursing, citation techniques, ability to produce 100% original papers, and good command in English.

Proofreading Process

To thoroughly ensure that we hire only the best writers, we set aside a team of our existing professional writers to manually review and proofread all sample tests given to new writers. Here we polish their skills and teach them the best academic writing skills that will help them become proficent in their services. undertakes this requirement.

Where are our writers from?

College Nursing Papers is an equal opportunity employer. We source our writers from all parts of the world, mainly from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. We concentrate on writer skills rather than the geographical location of our writers.

Assigning orders to writers

From the various Nursing topics we cover, we assign client orders to the best available writer. All our writers specialize in different sub-fields of Nursing and we serve to accurately pair them with only the most relevant and suitable client assignment orders. This way, we are able to provide only the best quality papers to all our clients.

Seek Our Professional Nursing Services

College Nursing Papers is dedicated to High-quality and customer satisfaction. We strive to provide first-rate papers that are well-researched and properly cited to allow our clients to get better grades in school. We scan all our papers with our intelligent quality control software for plagiarism and grammar mistakes. We are committed to quality academic papers and all our clients have confirmed this time again.

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