Module 8 presenatationYou will complete a Powerpoint presentation that presents findings from your..

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Module 8 presenatationYou will complete a Powerpoint presentation that presents findings from your Job Analysis, and then post the presentation so that classmates can view it.Module 7 Term paperSubmit the job analysis Term Project to the Dropbox. Note that this assignment was mentioned earlier in Module 2, at which time you were encouraged to begin working on it. You’ve also been provided a separatechecklist of things that are critical to include.PSY 338 Job Analysis ChecklistDirections: Complete a basic job analysis of an existing job (must be a real, existing and compensated job with a Dictionary of Occupational Titles code). The job analysis must be complete; a simple task analysis will not suffice. A complete job analysis includes a job description, occupational outlook, information from the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, any applicable documentation, and a task analysis completed through observation and survey. The job analysis that you create for your class project should contain the following:— Title Page in APA format— Abstract Page in APA format— One-paragraph brief description of the job— Narrative of the things that you did (2-3 pages minimum, no maximum)— Narrative of what you found (1-2 pages minimum, no maximum) · Include the following information from O*Net (with appendices as necessary):1. Relationship to other jobs2. Sample of reported job titles3. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities4. Work Contexts5. Wage & Employment Trends— Complete job description (within appendices)— List of tasks performed with the accompanying importance and time spent ratings (in appendices) · Make a table, labeled in APA format · Have an accompanying figure, labeled in APA format— Any accompanying paperwork that you can get (within appendices)— Reference Page in APA format with at least 5 sources that do not include your textbook or Wikipedia. At least 3 of these must be professional journal articles or books.Did you shadow at least 1 incumbent? ______ Was it for an entire work shift? ______Did you survey at least 4 incumbents? _______


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