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The article discusses campus protests that are occurring in light of the racial and cultural sensitivities arising within in this generation. The campus alumni believe the universities have allowed students to merely focus on identity politics and take frivolous courses, rather than stick to the core curriculum. Students have been protesting the removal of historical figures within college campuses, whom they feel committed racial offenses. Often these protest have led to the disrespect of campus staff, and the silencing of free speech, rubbing the alumni the wrong way. These alumni feel that most of these students have not taken the proper classes to equip them with the skills needed in order to critical think, allowing the students to be easily swayed by the media. The protests have led to most alumni feeling disrespected by present day college students resulting in them to either pull their financial support from the campus or push to see the core curriculum placed at the center of the universities once again. The article raises the question have Universities possibly strayed away from its once main goal, that is higher education, and chosen political correctness to take its place? Or is it simply two generations misunderstanding each other? Either way as a result many universities have begun to lose their financial support that in the past allowed for students to attend school. These alumni want to change the way these universities are ran and the only they feel they can make a change is by withdrawing their finances.


This article was very interesting because I never realized there was such a large divide between generations. The alumni press that point that most universities no longer stick to the core curriculum, and have chosen to let students study courses that do need meet the standards of high education. Each sides of the spectrum seem to have valid points but it also feels like the neither side is trying to understand one another but simply force their own opinions. I have seen firsthand how many university students today have forgone logic and chosen the belief that knowledge is whatever makes a person happy; life is just now about feelings but also about logic and knowledge. In the midst of fighting for equality and peace for those of different colors students are enacting judgment and creating divide of hate between ages and race. Their aim should be to educate and create peace in the present ay world. The alumni however, should not simply pull their finances but aim to educate and understand where the students are coming from. If the alumni were to have meetings or attend protests to have discussion this could help both sides understand each other. I believe we must continue to educate students with the core curriculum because critical thinking is one of the most important abilities if we do not have it we can be easily swayed to believe whatever the popular thinking is even if it is wrong. We have come such a long way creating peace in this country and we must continue to do it by educating and understanding each other and situations.



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