Can someone go ove rit and edit and revised so it does make sense.

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I’m doing an assignment about socioeconomic status and I have to connect ideas with my life. Can someone go ove rit and edit and revised so it does make sense. No plagiarism

Socioeconomic status impact me as individual, area based, and composted with the level of income, education, occupation, and wealth. For example, in the way of progress of making decisions upon school and home as having to go to a community college versus a university. My family has a middle-income financial resource meaning our availability to be able to pay my academic classes is very low (seven members in the family). In my social class, education is very important but having a small benefits than other people it makes it difficult to keep with education. When I make a work choice I know that I’m not going to have the same opportunities as everyone else and have to start from the bottom and work very hard. Socioeconomic Status (SES) in some factors it is inhibited and other expand. For instance having a brand new car every year compare to buying things I need than want. Having to live in the middle class do not impact my socioeconomic status but it does make me have to work hard to achieve my dreams. My life would be different considering if my social class is high income which means more opportunities as school and in the community. For example, I would go to a 4 year college (university) and not having to own Financial Aid loans. In every daily day I face challenges yet if my socioeconomic status was different as a millionaire I would have had a different world and not having to worry about poverty, education, and poor health. Financial status effects every individual in different ways. In the society I am seen as poor individual with no chance of having a career. However, my identity measure that I’m going to have a career and I considered myself in the middle class which means I have benefits as health insurance, a home, car, and most importantly education.


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