Why and how do branded drug companies seek to discourage generic competition

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How does the pharmaceutical industry compare to the average U.S. manufacturing firm in terms of its level of research and development activities? In what ways do managed care organizations exercise great power over the pharmaceutical industry? How consistent are federal and state laws regarding the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes? Why and how do branded drug companies seek to discourage generic competition? How uniform are the vaccine laws and funding among the states? What group receives the most attention and funding?

Chapter 20 Review Questions

What are the global standards for sharing information between different electronic medical records (EMRs), and between personal health records (PHRs) and other electronic records? What would be the ideal standard? Are Web sites that are legally covered by HIPAA and those that voluntarily comply with HIPAA similar or different and in what way(s)? Describe the constitutionality of restrictions on the use of identifiable prescription data. Describe some forms of electronic communications that are not protected information because they are in the public domain. Describe Google’s relationship with the Cleveland Clinic. How does this affect patients’ control over their identifiable medical information (IMI)?

Chapter 21 Review Questions

Why is disease management important to employers? What is the financial impact on the employer when an employee is out sick? Describe the key elements of a disease management program. Employers are increasingly shifting health care costs onto employees. What effect might this have on long-term costs and why? What effect might this have on employee motivation to stay healthy? How prevalent are pay-for-performance programs? How strong is the evidence of their effectiveness? How do critics describe them? Commonwealth Fund sponsored the first study to assess the effects of quality incentives in a large health insurance plan. What did the researchers examine? What were their findings?

Chapter 23 Review Questions

What is the annual impact of medical errors in terms of lives lost and dollars cost? What is intended to encourage patients to choose better health care systems? Why is it difficult for them to do so? What are patient safety organizations? How could evidence-based guidelines affect the incidence of adverse medical events? Are they, or should they be, mandated? Describe the four main categories of the FDA’s proposed reforms regarding drug regulation and drug safety.


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