Was the study approved and monitored by an Institutional Review Board, Research Ethics Board or other similar ethics review committee?

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Step 1: Create a APA approved Paper (Title Page) Type the Article according to APA format, correct spelling and grammar and proper citation of the source used for the critique
Step 2: Choose one of your 5 articles chosen to Critique Ethical Considerations
Step 4: Cite the Article cited according to APA as a Heading on page one
Step 5: Answer the Following Questions using critical Appraisal with one paragraph for each and if not applicable explain why?
1. Was the study approved and monitored by an Institutional Review Board, Research Ethics Board or other similar ethics review committee? Provide Details according to the article.
2. How were the participants recruited? Online, survey, random, in public domain, or medical setting? Did the participants require some type of medical treatment offered in this study?
3. Were appropriate informed consent procedures used with all participants? If not, were there valid and justifiable reasons? Was consent verbal, written, assent? Parental?
4. Were study participants subjected to any physical harm, discomfort or psychological distress? Did the researchers take appropriate steps to remove or prevent harm? If not mentioned but implied include your critical appraisal based on the type of study? Did you identify any harm not mentioned in the article?
5. Did the benefits to participants outweigh any potential risks or actual discomforts they experienced? Did the benefits to society outweigh the costs to the participants? What safeguards to prevent harm were mentioned if any?
6. Was any type of coercion or undue influence used to recruit participants? Did they have the right to refuse to participate or withdraw without penalty? Consider if the participants in the study were offered any free medical care, or treatment? Were participants given any monies to participate?
7. Were participants deceived in any way? Were they fully aware of participating in a study and did they understand the nature and purpose of the research? (This information is provided to the IRB and included in the consent and may not be available in your article)
8. Were adequate steps taken to safeguard the privacy of participants? How were the data kept anonymous and confidential? Were privacy rules procedures followed (if applicable)? Was a Certificate of Confidentiality obtained? (This is required for an IRB application and may not be mentioned in the article)
9. Were vulnerable groups involved in the research? If yes, were special precautions instituted because of their vulnerable status? (If no vulnerable groups were mentioned include your definition of a vulnerable population in research) Were any groups omitted from the inquiry without a justifiable rationale? (e.g. women, minorities)?

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