The following five quotations are all taken from readings in the Andrea/Overfield book, or from…

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The following five quotations are all taken from readings in the Andrea/Overfield book, or from burmese days. All of the selections were assigned during the second half of the semester. In each case, explain what you think the author(or character, in the case of Burmese days)is saying, and discuss why the ideas found in the quotation might be historically important or interesting. Your answer should consist of a least one paragraph (of several sentences), and for some quotes, you might want it to be longer.

Emperor Qianlong “…our Celestiral empire possesses all things in prolific abundance and lacks no product within its own borders. There are therefore no need to import the manufactures of outside barbarians in exchange for our own produce. But as the tea, silk, and porcelain which the celestial Empire produces are absolute necessities to European nations and to yourselves, we have permitted, as a signal mark of favor, that hongs should be established at Guangzhou, so that your wants might be supplied and your country thus participate in our beneficence.

Honda Toshiaki: “there is no place in the world to compare with Europe. It may be wondered in what way this supremacy was achieved. In the first place, the European nations have behind them a history of five to six thousand years. In this period they have delved deep into the beauties of the arts, have divined the foundations of government, and have established a system based on a thorough examination of the factors that naturally make a nation prosperous…in spite of this example, however, the Japanese do not look elsewhere than to China for good or beautiful things…”

Heinrich von Treitschke: “the idea of perpetual peace is an illusion supported only by those of weak character. It has always been the weary, spiritless, and exhausted ages which have played with the dream of perpetual peace. A thousand touching portraits testify to the sacred power of the love which a righteous war awakes in noble nations. It is altogether impossible that peace be maintained in a world bristling with arms, and even god will see to it that war always recurs as a drastic medicine for the human race.” …….

Dr. Veraswam (from Burmese days): “my friend, it is pathetic to me to hear you talk so. It is truly pathetic. You say you are here to trade? Of course you are. Could the Burmese trade for themselves? Can they make machinery, ships, railways, roads? They are helpless without you. What would happen to the Burmese forest if the English were not here? They would be sold immediately to the Japanese, who would gut them and ruin them. Instead of which, in your hands, actually they are improved. And while your business men develop the resources of our country, your officials are civilizing us, elevating us to their level, from pure public spirit. It is a magnificent record of self-sacrifice.

Flory: “why, of course, the lie that we’re here to uplift our poor black brothers instead of to rob them. I supposed it’s a natural lie enough. But it corrupts us, it corrupts us in ways you can’t imagine there’s an everlasting sense of being a sneak and a liar that torments us and drives us to justify ourselves night and day. It’s at the bottom of half our beastliness to the natives. We Anglo-Indians could be almost bearable if we’d only admit that we’re thieves and go on thieving without any humbug.” ……. QUESTION TITLE :- Analysis of historical events


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