Ouch, said Kyle, drinking a glass of soda, my stomach hurts.

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Hi! We’re given the following scenario and I just need help answering some of the questions.

âOuch,â said Kyle, drinking a glass of soda, âmy stomach hurts.â

Concerned, his girlfriend Wendy, asked, âWhat have you been eating? Did you go to that cheap wing

place again and order the nuclear wings? Because, if you did, itâs your own fault!â

âNo,â said Kyle, âI just took some aspirin for my headache. We were up late practicing last night and I

had a slight headache, probably from sleep deprivation. I took some aspirin from the bottle in your

medicine chest.â

Wendy knew from experience that aspirin could hurt your stomach, especially if you took it often or had

an ulcer or other kind of stomach problem. But Kyle seemed fine, he is a healthy 20-year old with no

health problems that she knew of.

âWell, how many did you take?â she asked.

âThe normal amount, four,â replied Kyle.

âBut thatâs TWICE the normal dosage!â

âI always take four at home. Thatâs how many I need to get rid of my headaches and Iâve never had my

stomach hurt like this,â said Kyle.

Hmmm thought Wendy, I wonder why the four aspirin he takes at home donât upset his stomach like the

ones here do? She asked, âWhat brand do you take at home?â She knew that she purchased Bayerî

aspirin, had used the same thing for years without any side effects.

âOh, I donât know, â replied Kyle, âsomething my roommate Stan buys over the Internet. From some site

that has cheap drugs, www.cheapdrugs.com, I think. He can get, like, a thousand aspirin for only $3.50,

including shipping and handling. What a deal. We started out taking 2 pills like the label says, but that

dose never seemed to work, so we started doubling it. My stomach never hurt like this. Maybe thereâs

something in them to prevent stomach pain, like an antacid-aspirin hybrid?â

Wendy had taken some chemistry classes during her first year of college and she was doubtful that Kyleâs

Internet aspirin contained both antacid and aspirin. She thought that maybe something else was up. If

only she could get access to the chemistry laboratories, maybe she could find out what these Internet

aspirin contained. SAFETY CONCERNS

This laboratory exercise uses sodium hydroxide (NaOH), which is corrosive and an irritant. Handle with

care, and wash any affected areas with copious amounts of water.

This laboratory exercise uses benzophenone (in Kyleâs aspirin), which is an irritant and flammable.

Handle with care and avoid prolonged contact.

This laboratory exercise uses acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), which is an irritant, flammable and allergenic.

Handle with care and avoid prolonged contact. PRELAB ASSIGNMENT

Type your responses to questions 1-5 and turn into the teaching

assistant upon entering the lab. The procedure in your notebook will

be checked for completeness. You must have a complete research

plan to enter lab.

1. After reading this, do you think that you can help Wendy

determine why Kyle needs a larger dose of his brand of aspirin?

2. Why do you believe it took a larger dose of Internet aspirin to cure

Kyleâs headaches? Formulate this into a hypothesis that can be

scientifically tested?

3. How can you test your hypothesis?

4. What information do you need before you can devise a method for

testing your hypothesis?

5. What control experiments would you need to perform?

6. Using the list of chemicals and equipment provided, write a

detailed procedure in your notebook describing the experiment(s)

you will conduct. You will have the following

available in the laboratory:

⢠Aspirin tablets (with a

known amount of

acetylsalicylic acid)

⢠A sample of Kyleâs

internet aspirin

⢠Acetylsalicylic acid

⢠Standardized NaOH


⢠pH meters


⢠methanol (used to

dissolve the tablets)

⢠mortar & pestle (to

crush tablets)

⢠burets & buret clamps


⢠stir plates & stir bars

⢠glassware IN LAB


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