NKU Module 6 Qualitative Research Critique

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The Qualitative Research Critique Paper Question Guide lists the guiding questions per research component to answer for the assignment. Students must reference the chapters outlined in required textbook Polit and Beck (2020) to assist in answering questions completely. Particularly note aspects related to critical appraisal in chapters 5, 6, 7, 22, 23, 24, 25 and aspects of trustworthiness in chapter 26 of Polit and Beck (2020) in regard to completing an overall critique of a qualitativeresearch article. A link for the Qualitative Research Critique Paper Question Guide is listed below. Please synthesize answers to questions on the Qualitative Research Critique Paper Question Guide and per Polit and Beck (2020) textbook to fully meet grading criteria on the Qualitative Research Critique Grading Rubric. The Qualitative Research Critique Grading Rubric is provided below. 

Students need to address each research component thoroughly based on the content of the article, synthesizing and providing rationale for each of the statements. If a research component is not addressed in the article, students must explain whether or not this is justified and provide rationale.

The Qualitative Research Critique paper is a formal paper and should include a title page, abstract, an introduction, body of the paper, personal reflection, conclusion, and a reference page (listed on a separate page following the conclusion of the paper). The paper should be no more than 9 to 10 pages, excluding title, abstract, and reference page. The paper is to be written using APA format including the professional paper required elements (Refer to sample professional paper in APA (2020) manual for examples.) as outlined in APA (2020) manual. Citations and references must be included to support information shared in the paper. Citations and references need to reflect required readings as well as current (within the last three to five years) professional sources. 







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