Morgan Deravin English 111 Final Essay Racism has always been part of the history of human beings…

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Morgan Deravin English 111 Final Essay Racism has always been part of the history of human beings. For a long time, societies have always defined their superiority on the basis of their distinctive physical characteristics as well as their languages and religions. There are many instances where those practicing racism do not even know that they are nurturing as well as propagating prejudice. They see it as a normal way of life, and they may not understand that they are hurting or even inhibiting the progress of others (Gallego & Pardos-Prado, 2014). The feudalism and slavery of the middle-ages were some of the unfortunate consequences of the earlier forms of racism. There have also been several genocides which have been informed by the urge to eliminate those other people who may not look like the dominant tribe or society. Indeed, even the Second World War was in part informed by racism. One particular instance is the one where the Nazi Germany sought to eliminate the Jews living in Europe in what came to be known as the Holocaust. There have also been many instances where individuals of darker skin tones have been regarded as being inferior to the Whites. This has been witnessed in England, Germany, and even in the United States. In Africa itself, people like Nelson Mandela were incarcerated for such a long time since the governing regime viewed the members of the Black community as inferior, untalented, as well as extremely violence. The challenge is that when people are fighting such oppressions, they tend to engage in acts which may be defined as terrorism. This reinforces the belief that, indeed, the individuals being oppressed are violent and uncivilized (Aghababaei & Tabik, 2013). Racism continues since after a while, such lines of binaries as ‘Blacks’ and ‘Whites’ as well as the ‘civilized’ and the ‘uncivilized’ tend to get more pronounced. Some people feel superior to others, and some of those who are considered to be inferior accept that definition. This means that even as they fight to be recognized, they still feel as if they cannot reach a certain level and become appreciated like everyone else. There are multiple reasons why racism persists, and these include the history of the society or the community in question (Gallego & Pardos-Prado, 2014). History acts as the guide upon which most people gauge their actions. It is though those accounts that future actions can be defined and executed. This means that if the predecessors ever made mistakes, then these mistakes get reinforced and the kind of humiliation and torture is continued for a long time. For instance, while Holocaust is widely thought to be a creation of Adolf Hitler, the fact is that Western European cultures have had a history of discriminating against the Jews and other minorities for a long time. The Jews were discriminated and actually expelled from England as well as the Iberian Peninsula. Hitler might have been prompted by the successes of the past when he tried to make Germany a society of one pure race (Luhmann, Hawkley & Cacioppo, 2014). The second most important reason is the lack of awareness. For instance, Nelson Mandela and the ANC had prepared a statement that stipulated their core principles, and they regarded to this as the Freedom Charter. The Charter had been endorsed by the party way back in 1955. One of the core principles was that the ANC fought to equality for everyone, irrespective of their race (Aghababaei & Tabik, 2013). The problem is that it was banned almost immediately upon its release to the public, and this meant that even the tolerant Whites could not understand what Mandela was really fighting for. They just got every direction from the government controlled media, and that means they could not have made any credible decisions on how to address the issue of racism. This is a clear example of how lack of knowledge impact


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