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Unit 6 Project- Creating Healthy Choices for Young Children

It is really important to make children aware of healthy choices to make when it comes to food. There are many delicious snacks and meals for young children that can give them the nutrients necessary for their growth and development. There are many advertisements that portray not so healthy snacks to be wonderful for children. It is important that healthier snacks are advertised as well. This Assignment will give you two opportunities to encourage children to make these healthy choices.

1) You are going to create an advertisement using the Flyer Template in DocSharing that makes a healthy snack look exciting. Please make sure to include a fun and healthy snack, not just one that it is easy to purchase. For example, ants on a log.

*Please feel free to be as creative as possible, but make sure to cite your sources. If you use clip art, using the pictures from Microsoft Word is the best choice

**If you click on the circles on the top of the flyer, you can add clip art to make the flyer more attractive.

2) You will complete a five day menu for the age group of your choice. Your menu will include alternative choices for children with wheat (gluten), nut allergies, or other allergies, and vegetarian children. Your menu will be created by filling out the form provided and submitting the form by the end of Unit 6.

In the introductory paragraph before your menu, describe at least four appropriate food safety guidelines. For example: Proper food handling procedures and precautions for breast milk, formula and solids; proper food preparation to include common food choking hazards; precautions and alternative food choices addressing common allergies including nuts, wheat, and milk.

Read Chapter 18 of your text, pp. 442–446, for information on creating your own original menu. You also may visit these sites for help:

USDA Resource List:

Source: USDA. Menu Magic for Children.

Retrieved from 

Food allergies:

Source: The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network. Retrieved from 

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