just final answer Q 15 A particle’s position is given by the following equation:

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just final answer 

Q 15

            A particle’s position is given by the following equation:
 =(4,8,2) +(-4,0,-7)t-(9,0,0)t2; where t is in seconds and magnitude of r is in meters
Find the magnitude of the acceleraration of this particle at . State your answer to the nearest one tenth of a meter per second squared.

Q 16

            An airplane flies horizontally with a speed of 417m/s at an altitude of 633 m. Assume that the ground is level. At what horizontal distance from a target must the pilot release a bomb so as to hit the target?
Round your answert to nearest meter.


Q 17

            The ballbearing is shot from the spring gun aimed at 37 o above the horizontal. 
The speed of the ball is 7 m/s when it is released from the barel at point of the origin (0,0).
Find how far from the origin will the ball be at time s. 
Round your answer to a tenth of meter. 

Q 18

            The gun is placed on the cliff of m above the ground level, and fires the granade at angle  = 18 o . The muzzle velocity of the projectile is 61m/s.
What will be the magnitude of the total velocity when it hits the level ground.
Round your answer to nearest m/s.

Q 19

                        The mountain rescue officers trigger the avalanche by firing a gun at a distant mountain slope.
The muzzle velcoity of the gun is 286m/s. The horizontal and vertical distance from the gun to the slope is
,035m and respectively. Find the lowest angle between the barrel of the gun and the horizontal
plane. Round your answer to nearest tenth of degree.


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