Human Services Informational Interview

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Human Services Informational Interview (Community Change)

Class members will conduct an informational interview with a professional or volunteer in the Human Service field. Class members are expected to submit a detailed summary of their interview by April 20th. This assignment will be scored according to the following rubric:

Exceeds Expectations

Meets Expectations

Below Expectations

Develops high-quality interview questions related to course topics
Submits interviewee details within the specified timeframe
Conducts in-person (or Skype, etc.) interview within the specified timeframe
Links interview process to theories and concepts of community change and intervention strategies
Interview summary is clear, detailed, and substantial
Interview summary references changes and/or confirmation of personal attitude about the Human Service profession
60 points

Develops useful interview questions and format
Submits interviewee details within the specified timeframe
Conducts in-person interview within the specified timeframe
Submits interview summary
Includes some points of personal reflection in the interview summary
30-59 points

Does not submit interviewee details within the specified timeframe
Does not conduct in-person interview within the specified timeframe
Does not submit interview summary / or summary is clearly lacking in detail and organization
0-29 points

Fiya Inc. Youth Services is a non-profit organization which offers assistance to its youths and low-income areas as well as ensuring empowerment and giving them the correct tools to be successful later on. Shakina Milledge is a Cosmetologist has chosen to spend the ladder part of years devoting her time to the youth of her community. Shakina is the founder and board member of Fiya Inc. Youth Service since 2017 and through that period she has been able to engage with different youths, and handle different situations which she is willing to discuss at length. Her contacts are (843) 271-1405.

1. What does your role at Fiya Inc. Youth Services entail?

2. As a director, do you encounter hostile youth? How do you deal with hostile youths?

3. When did you decided that devoting your time to the youth was important?

4. What systems has the government put in place to facilitate with your services to community?

5. As a director, which are the things that you are always looking out for to improve within your organzation?

6. Do you consider the relationship between the family and the community when making a decision on the way forward to incorporate within your program?

7. Is there any special situation that has stuck with you, or made a mark on your life?

8. Given the opportunity, to speak freely, what would you tell colleagues on the way forward in your career?

9. Which family values do you think most families should embrace and what would be the easiest way of embracing them?

10. Where do you want your career to lead you to, and how are you going about to achieve this?


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