Has spoilage occurred in your can?

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  1. Has spoilage occurred in your can?

Yes       /    No

1 mark


  1. If spoilage has occurred chose a description of the spoiled can e.g. flat sour, hard swell, springer , flipper, no obvious signs of spoilage? . Explain your decision

2 marks


  1. You have decided that the spoilage of your can is due to under-processing or as a result of a can leak. Detail the test results that support your decision.

(showing discussion and interpretation of each step and test results to come to your conclusion of underprocessing or leaker spoilage)

20 marks

  1. From your test results you should be able to determine the type of organisms present in the can. This may be to a group level or possibly a genus level.  (some examples might be: Gram positive  thermophilic aerobic  / anaerobic spore former, or mesophilic facultative anaerobe,  or Bacillus spp.  or Clostridium spp. or Gram positive mesophilic cocci that is an obligate aerobe, possibility of the Genus ….. ,  or mesophilic / thermophilic Gram negative facultative anaerobes……… ).

Detail the evidence you have to support your conclusion/s.

Note: As the detail of your results is answered in questions 3 it is adequate to simply state

The type/s of organism/s based on a combination of the examples of descriptions as suggested in this question.

6 marks


  1. Were there any issues that you faced that need to be discussed regards eg your methodology, mistakes etc that may require you to repeat the experience? If so discuss them. Ensure you include any discussion about results that are relevant to your work eg contamination, colony identification problems, incubation problems etc.

State any 4 issues you faced or have considered may have been an issue during the entire three weeks of this prac that may have affected the accuracy of your results – that seem reasonable and scientific.

4 marks


  1. Is this a potentially dangerous product from the point of microbiological food safety and would there need to be a recall? Explain your decision.

4 marks

  1. State at least 3 (three) steps in the production process that should be investigated to determine what the spoilage occurred. Therefore: What ongoing monitoring steps would you put in place to ensure the problem does not reoccur?

3 x 3 marks (the step=1 mark + explanation of monitoring for the step = 2 marks= total 3 marks for each step).

9 marks


  1. State the references you used to support your conclusion. Ensure you also cite these references in the text at the appropriate places (i.e. at the relevant answer) and list them at the end in a reference list. Please write them correctly in APA format according to the RMIT library referencing instructions at: http://www1.rmit.edu.au/browse;ID=8rwjnkcmfoeez

There will also be marks for appropriate choice, relevance and depth of references.

4 marks


TOTAL = 50 marks


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