Hans Hofmann, Rising Sun Wassily Kandinsky, The Path To Abstraction Piero Di Cosimo, The Visitation With Saint Nicholas And Saint Anthony Abbot

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Rubric to assignment


A) Browse the sets and other students’ posts to see which interests you and which has not already been reserved. DO NOT select a set that another student has already selected.

B) To reserve a set copy the set links, click New Post, in the subject area type the set letter, in the message area paste the set links. When you are ready open your post, click reply, and then type in your response.

C) DO NOT present this as an outline. Present it in paragraph form as you would any paper.

1) Begin the post by identifying which of the three within the set chosen aesthetically appeals to you the most and why. 1 point

2) Referencing the subject matter lesson, determine which is realistic, which is abstract (or semi-abstract), and which is nonobjective. Underlinethese terms in the post. 6 points

3) For each discuss why the objects within each work reinforce the type you determined. 18 points

4) Use objective reasoning to discuss the reasons for your choice in number one. 5 points

In the first paragraph identify the one from the set that most appeals to you and why it appeals to you. Do not use terminology in this portion. Using terminology will make the statement invalid. But, make sure you can apply terminology to support your reasons for choosing it in the conclusion. You may want to write this part after completing the rest of the assignment, but it needs to be presented first. (part 1 of the above rubric)

In the second paragraph identify each painting. One of the works is realistic, one is nonobjective, and one is either semi-abstract or abstract. Use the terms. Note that there are 6 points for this part so it should be developed accordingly. (part 2 of the above rubric)

In the third paragraph you will be discussing what the painting looks like. Using those images discuss what makes one realistic, one nonobjective, and the other semi-abstract or abstract. Do not simply use the definitions, but describe the objects within the painting. Make sure that when you are done it isn’t so general that it could be applied to many works rather than this specific one. Note that there are 18 points for this part so it should be developed accordingly. (part 3 of the above rubric)

The last paragraph will reference the choice from the first paragraph. What about the fact that it is realistic, abstract (semi-abstract), or nonobjective contributed to your choosing that work? Underline this term in this concluding paragraph as well. How did the way it looked (use one of those four terms) contribute to that choice? Again, you may want to develop this before you actually write the beginning paragraph. (part 4 of the above rubric)


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