Dual role relationships: What makes them so problematic?

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Assignment 3: Course Project Task # 5

Second Module of Writing

The purpose of this module’s project assignment is to enable you to work on the first draft of your literature review.

For this assignment, complete the writing of your literature review:

The literature review is a brief discussion of the research already existing in your area of interest. (This paper will discuss the pros and cons of dual relationships and ethical issues with the sport and exercise psychology professionals SPP. I will be presenting different examples of dual relationships and how important for the SPP to make the right decisions to avoid a breach of confidentiality and crossing boundaries with can lead to an ethical violation. I will be sharing how dual relationships take place and the challenges that the SPP face daily.)

Utilize existing research as a rationale for examining the question(s) you are interested in addressing in your hypothetical research article.

(Examples of two to three research articles important for your literature review are

Teacher-practitioner multiple role issues in sport psychology, Ethics and Behavior

The coach as sport psychologist: An alternative view. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology

Dual role relationships: What makes them so problematic? Journal of Counseling and Development)

· The literature review should be four to six pages long.

Submit the literature review to your course professor for feedback and to ensure you are on the right track. Name the file

SP6300_M5_A3_LastName_FirstInitial.doc. Post your response to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

Note: This draft submission will not be graded. However, your facilitator will provide you with feedback on your drafts. Incorporate the feedback in your final paper before you submit it in Module 6.


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