Children and the Opioid Crisis Newsletter

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You have been keeping up with the impact of the opioid crisis not just on the users, but on those around them as well.

Children are the most vulnerable victims of this crisis. You need to get the rest of the staff in your office up to speed on the effects of the opioid crisis on children. 

In your newsletter:

  1. Select a state (TEXAS) and describe the effects of the opioid crisis on children.
  2. Determine the ways in which the opioid crisis affects these children. Include the short- and long-term effects on society.
  3. Describe how the crisis impacts children nationally. Compare this to the global opioid crisis.
  4. Analyze the global consequences of the opioid crisis on children.
  5. Connect the information learned to Anytown (anytown is a simulation town), and discuss the ways public health officials can help.

Anytown Demographics

Population 23,500

Largest industry/employer is the coal mine

Coal mining operations have decreased in the past few years

Because of physical injuries, illnesses, and other ailments, opioids use has skyrocketed

Because of the economic downturn, opioid uses as a coping mechanism has dramatically increase

An opioid overdose emergency occurs almost daily, many times resulting in death

The mayor has declared the opioid crisis as the number one crisis the town is facing

Coal Mine

The largest employer in Anytown

Over half of the employees have either qualified for workman’s compensation or have an illness related to their working conditions

The most common condition is black lung

Because this type of illness is directly related to working in the mine, working conditions need to be improved

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