24 Masculinity as Homophobia MICHAEL S. KIMMEL Michael Kimmel argues that American men are socialized into a very rigid and limiting definition of…

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I need two separate one page (double-spaced) reading response for EACH of the documents that I have attached. The topics are about Human Sexuality. Please be very detailed and follow the guidelines listed below! NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE!!!!! Thanks in advance!!:

Reading responses are responses to assigned readings and their purpose is manifold: to stimulate students to actively engage with readings, to be earlier and better prepared for class (and quizzes), and also to provide important raw material for educative group discussions. The length for a reading response is exactly one full, double ­spaced page of text (12 pt. font, 1 inch margins)for each response.For each reading response, you must refer to the content in the assigned reading for that due date (citing specifically one or more pages in the reading).Here is a guiding framework:

After a sentence or two or three describing some relevant point(s) in what you have read (thus demonstrating accurate knowledge of some content in the reading), use one of these three phrases which you must bold and underline in your response:

● i. ‘But here is an important question.’ Then describe an important question or controversy (related to the relevant point[s]) that has not been (and perhaps will not beeasily) answered or settled, OR

● ii. ‘But here I found something I must question.’ Describe something – an idea or finding or inference or assumption or over­simplification or way of labeling or summarizing things – that you found in the reading (related to the relevant point[s]) that you think is questionable AND what makes it questionable,

OR● iii. “‘And here is the most important point in the entire reading for today.’” Describe something (an idea or finding, related to the relevant point[s]) you think is very important and explain why you think it is more important than (i.e., has priority over) one or more other things emphasized elsewhere in the reading. Identify clearly what these other things are – it is not enough to just say something is important, say also what is less important.

To get full credit, your response must be something that (in the judgment of the instructors)could conceivably be discussed in this class. Remember, you must include one of the above three phrases at least once in each response

Please let me know if you have any questions about this assignment

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