Discuss why you picked this particular goal and how this goal is going to help the client.

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Case Study 3 Susie is a 20-year-old sophomore at a small midwestern college. For the past five days she has gone without any sleep whatsoever and she has spent this time in a heightened state of activity, which she herself describes as “out of control.” For the most part, her behavior is characterized by strange and grandiose ideas that often take on a mystical or sexual tone. For example, she recently proclaimed to a group of friends that she did not date because she was a “of a third sex, a gender above the human sexes.” When her friends questioned her on this, she explained that she is a “superwoman” who can avoid human sexuality. Some of Susie’s bizarre thinking centers on the political, such as believing that she had somehow switched souls with the senior senator from her state. From what she believed were his thoughts and memories, she developed six theories of government that would allow her to single-handedly save the world from nuclear destruction. She went around campus, explaining these theories to friends and even to her professors and began to campaign for an elected position in the U.S. government (even though no elections were scheduled at the time). She feels that her recent experiences with switching souls with the senator would make her particularly well suited for a high position in government; perhaps even the presidency. Susie often worries that she will forget some of her thoughts and has begun writing notes to herself everywhere, in her notebooks, on her computer—even on the walls of her dormitory. Susie’s family and friends, who have always known her to be extremely tidy and organized, have been shocked to find her room in total disarray with frantic and incoherent messages written all over the walls and furniture. These messages reflect her disorganized, grandiose thinking about spiritual and sexual themes. Susie has experienced two previous episodes of wild and bizarre behavior similar to what she is experiencing now You are the intake worker at the mental health center in Carver County (Minnesota). Susie and her family come to meet with you. Please discuss the following questions: You will need to do research and cite in APA format as needed. Assignment due by Saturday Nov. 15th by 11:59 pm. Discuss what you believe the presenting problem is. Provide your reasons for this by referencing and citing your readings from this week and earlier in the semester. Research resources/treatment options in Carver County (Minnesota) and provide referral sources for this client. Discuss your reasons for referring the client to these resources/treatment options. Make sure you cite any information that you gather if needed. Write a goal for this client. (refer to the below information on how to write goals). Discuss why you picked this particular goal and how this goal is going to help the client. If you are an intake worker you would provide the actual phone number and address for all referrals. Please include this in your information. Going forward I would like 3 REFERRALS listed for each case study. In the field we need to provide 3 referrals to all clients so they have options. Writing Goals in Human Services: No matter where you work or the population you work with, you need to be able to write goals. Every goal should be client specific and strengths- focused. I do NOT want any goals to have the words lacks or needs improvement. This is not strengths- focused. All goals should be attainable within the established time frame. All goals should be specific and not too broad. All goals should be measurable. For example: If I am working with a client who has hygiene struggles and wants a job, I may write a goal like this: Client will successfully shower 4 out of 7 days per week. The goal is specific, attainable and measurable.


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