Nursing Theory Philosophy Paper

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Nursing Theory Philosophy Paper
This paper is the beginning for you in building your own definition and philosophy of nursing that will expand throughout the process of your nursing education and into your initial practice experiences as a nurse. Your personal philosophy of nursing should reflect your own beliefs and values regarding nursing’s paradigms or models. Your philosophy should include your thoughts on person, environment, health, and nursing (define your nursing paradigm). Your philosophy should include thoughts on caring as it relates to nursing practice and answer the question “What is professional nursing?”(your own beliefs). Many theorists developed their theories and frameworks based on their own perspective. You can use ideas from nursing frameworks/models for assistance in your philosophy, making sure you cite them appropriately. A thorough response to identifying your own personal philosophy helps you define your beliefs about your nursing paradigm.

Prepare a three-page paper describing your own philosophy of nursing.
This paper should be written in APA style, include a reference page, cover page, and headings using all elements of proper grammar.
A minimum of three references are to be cited.
This is your work so only paraphrasing will be allowed, no quotes will be allowed.

This paper is your own definition and philosophy, not a restatement of that from other authors. Your paper must include topics of person, environment, health/illness, and nursing. The topics should be in separate paragraphs.
Make sure your writing is clear and precise, ending with a well thought out conclusion. IMPORTANT This is your work so only paraphrasing will be allowed, NO QUOTES WILL BE ALLOWED.


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