Concept Diagram for Cultural Competence

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This is a formal written paper documenting the student’s assessment and analysis of two diverse cultures. Emphasis is focused on healthy and unhealthy cultural practices and relevance for nursing intervention. This will help provide students a foundation for addressing and meeting cultural needs of patients in their nursing practice. The student should read the entire instructions, criteria, grading rubric and the Concept Diagram for Cultural Competence before writing this paper.

A. Cultures must be chosen from the given list of cultures from separate geographic continents/regions. Only one culture per continent/region of the world may be used. For example, if the student chooses an African culture the other culture must be from Asia, Europe, North or South America.
B. Do not compare countries (cultures) within 1000 miles of each other.
C. Neither the American culture nor the student’s own culture may be used. If either the American culture or the student’s own culture is used, the student will be required to re-do the paper in its entirety.
D. The student should write this paper in the same sequence indicated in the instructions/outline/criteria. The body of the paper should be a maximum of 10 pages (excluding cover sheet and reference list).
E. Follow APA format in entirety.
F. Submit the completed paper on Canvas by due date stated for completion of written work.
G. At the instructor’s discretion, the student may be required to redo any part of the paper that is partially met or not met. The original grade will stand even if revisions are submitted.


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