Pharmaceutical Advertising: Informing or Merely Promoting?

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The Course Project will demonstrate a student’s communication, analytical, and online research skills in discussing a topic related to health care economics.  The project should be a formal paper (including an executive summary) that provides an insightful analysis using economic concepts with a discussion that demonstrates critical thinking ability.  The paper should have an introduction explaining why the topic is of interest, a short literature review, a main body of the paper that uses economic concepts and tools to discuss all the relevant issues on that topic, a discussion on policy and implications, conclusion, and a bibliography section citing all the sources.  The project paper must include a minimum of two economic principles studied during the term of the course, i.e. opportunity cost, marginal analysis, markets and pricing, supply and demand, elasticity, efficiency, or market failure.

The course project should be between 7 and 10 double spaced pages (excluding the reference section) with one inch margin on all sides.  It needs to be submitted in a Word document (.doc or .docx) using basic

The following is a list of few potential topics that students can consider.

  • Clinton’s proposed health care reform – how was it different from the new ObamaCare.
  • Problems with Creating Health Care Policy in Less Developed Countries
  • The Economics of Medicare and Medicaid Reform
  • Nursing “Shortages”: Monopsony Power in the Market for Registered Nurses?
  • Effects of Smoking Regulations and Taxes on Cigarette Demand
  • Pharmaceutical Advertising: Informing or Merely Promoting?
  • Price Discrimination in Medical Care
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