Determine the reason and importance of the concept analysis

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For this paper, the student will select a method for concept analysis (see Chapter 3, p. 57 of the
text for a review of “methods” proposed by those Walker and Avant, etc.) and apply it to a
student-selected concept. Students should note the importance of selecting a concept which has
sufficient description and testing in the literature so that the analysis process is less difficult.
Example concepts:
More concrete
– burnout
– work stress
– quality of care
Less concrete
– comfort
– knowing
– caring
The end product is a 5-8 page paper written according to APA style and demonstrating
graduate-level thinking, writing, and organizational skills. All page counts EXCLUDE title,
abstract, references, and appendix pages. You will need at least 4-6 scholarly references which
are directly relevant to the topic at hand. You may use your textbook, but it does NOT count as
one of your sources. The references should be from articles or books from 2008-2015.
Be sure to have the following sections for this paper-
• Determine the reason and importance of the concept analysis
• Identify the uses of the concept term from the review of literature
• Determine the defining attributes
• Give an example case or model case using the concept
• Identify the antecedents and consequences
• Identify implications for nursing
The paper will be evaluated according these guidelines:
1. Clarity: Clear and precise descriptions (5 points)
2. Completeness: Adequate coverage of the literature (10 points)
3. Analysis: Analysis and discussion points are sound (10 points)
4. Presentation: Organization, quality of writing, APA style, grammar/spelling (5 points)
Students will select a concept and submit the concept topic, along with several sentences
explaining the choice of the concept to the instructor ~ 3 weeks before the paper is due. The
instructor will return feedback to the student within 48 hours. The topic should be submitted
under the assignments area (Topic) in the course. Then the paper, once written, is submitted via
the course assignments named Mini Concept Analysis Paper by the due date. This paper will also
need to be submitted to the Turnitin program.


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