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Title of Term Paper: Delirium Symptoms and Treatment. Delirium refers to a condition whereby a person develops a disturbance during a short period, which occurs in intervals of hours or days. Current research concentration on the outcomes of the Delirium comes with several symptoms such as inattention of those that have affected. There are several interventions used to treat delirium, and this includes the use of medication such as antipsychotic to prevent psychosis (Nuefeld, Yue, Robinson, Inouye, Needham, 2016).

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Delirium Symptoms and Treatment

This paper has examined on the treatment and symptoms of delirium a condition that mostly affects elderly people. In the first part, the etiology of the condition has been looked at with the causes being substance abuse, excessive stress, as well as, reduced sensory input. Additionally, the second part of the paper has examined the symptoms of the condition which include disorganized thinking, fluctuation of the occurrence episodes, and altered consciousness. The last part of the paper has examined the treatment interventions available for people that are affected by the condition. Medication and inclusion of family members during the treatment intervention is critical for better outcomes









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