Describe two global effects from polar ice and glacier loss.    

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Biology homework help

1. A) Describe how you would explain to a 9-year old why there are so many different breeds of dogs, and where they came from.
B) Now use this as a basis to describe how you would explain to that 9-year old how a population of rabbits could become faster runners over time.

2. A) Outline the process whereby the atmosphere traps heat known as the ‘Greenhouse Effect’.
B) Name and describe the three main factors that influence climate.

3. A) Differentiate (= describe the differences) between Density-dependent and Density-independent mortality factors in terms of population density.
B) Give one specific example of each (D-dependent & D-independent).
C) Name 4 different density-dependent mortality factors.

4. Describe two global effects from polar ice and glacier loss.

5. A) Differentiate between Direct Competition and Indirect Competition between different species.
B) Give one specific example of each.
C) Describe how may this be related to human populations?

6. Describe two effects of climate change on society.

7. A) Explain the phrase ‘Individuals are selected, Populations evolve’ in terms of changes in gene frequencies.
B) Given that explanation, now explain why only populations may evolve, not individuals.

8. Describe how predation operates to structure ecosystems by using at least two examples.

9. Explain (using one example) how more than one species may coexist in the same habitat at the same time.

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