Describe how the the article is biased, or provide evidence that it is unbiased.

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Evaluating sources of nutrition information

Please write an essay on the article that you select and their discovery on nutrition information. Please include your resource on study and your analysis on your resource. Then give your conclusion on this topic and your opinions on if we should follow their nutrition advice and why.

Essay should be one page long with single space.

The Internet is full of nutrition information—however, not all of it is valid, useful, or accurate. Before you follow any nutrition advice, carefully evaluate the source.

  1. On an Internet search engine, look up a nutrition question that interests you. For example, “Do some foods make you smarter?” “What are the best food sources of calcium?” What article did you select?
  2. On what kind of Web site does the information appear? Is it a .com, .edu, or .gov?
  3. Is the author of the article listed? If not, can you determine who might have written it?
  4. Is there any evidence that the author of the information has some authority in the field of nutrition or health? What are the author’s qualifications, credentials, and connections to the subject?
  5. Who is the intended audience for this information? Is the audience a scholarly one? If so, does the article include a clear bibliography that you can consult for further sources?
  6. Are there clues that the author is biased? For example, is the author selling or promoting a product? Is the author taking a personal stand on a social or political issue? Describe how the the article is biased, or provide evidence that it is unbiased.
  7. How timely is the information? When was the information published?
  8. To verify the credibility of the source, search for additional texts on the topic to find related sources, and sources that cite this source to better understand its intellectual value. Overall, does this appear to be a credible article? Explain.

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