1.Dempsey Chapter 10, Regarding Managing Criminal Investigations (MCI), there are several “Solvability factors.” Which of the following is not one of…

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1.     Dempsey Chapter 10, Regarding Managing Criminal Investigations (MCI), there are several “Solvability factors.” Which of the following is not one of them?

A.     Will the complainant cooperate in the investigation?

B.     Can a suspect be identified?

C.     Is there a witness?

D.     Is there a previous incident related to this investigation?

2.     In what year was the London Metropolitan Police Founded?”:

A.     1356.

B.     1829.

C.     1845.

D.     1748.

3.      Which of the following established the first official crime reports in England? :

A.     Sir Robert Peel.

B.     Richard Mayne.

C.     Patrick Colquhoun.

D.     Henry Fielding. 

4.     During a Buy-Bust operation there is a critical need for a sufficient amount of personnel to ensure the safety of all officers involved. What are the four (4) positions necessary to accomplish this? :

A.     Undercover officer (U/C), Backup team, ESU, Ghost officer.

B.     Ghost Officer, U/C, Investigating Officer, Precinct C.O.

C.     Supervisor, Ghost, U/C, Backup team.

D.     All of the above.

5.     In what year was the Omnibus Crime Bill enacted? :

A.     2012.

B.     1968.

C.     1988.

D.     1994.

6.     In 2010, it was reported that total spending by all levels of government for Police, Corrections and Judicial services amounted to approximately? :

A.     83.1 Billion Dollars.

B.     185 Billion Dollars.

C.     1 Trillion Dollars.

D.     260 Billion Dollars.

7.     According to Dempsey, chapter 2, there are approximately how many federal law-enforcement officers currently in the U.S.? :

A.     55,000.

B.     120,000

C.     1,000,000

D.     220,000

8.     Louis A. Radelet traced the development of the police-community relations (PCR) to an annual conference that took place during what year?

A.     1971

B.     1966

C.     1955.

D.     1941

9.     In what year was the FBI founded?:

A.     1908.

B.     1863.

C.     1924.

D.     1898.

10.      According to the National Coalition against Domestic Violence approximately how many woman are the victims of domestic assault each year? :

A.     7 million

B.     10 million

C.     5.8 million

D.     1.3 million

11.       Which of the following is NOT considered a union “job action” by Police? :

A.     “Blue Flu”.

B.     Refusing to perform certain job actions.

C.     “By the rule”.

D.     “Rule of thumb”.

12.     In chapter 11, Dempsey states that in jurisdictions with populations above 100,000 police contacts with persons who are mentally ill are what percentage approximately? :

A.     9%.

B.     7%.

C.     10%.

D.     5%.

13.     With regard to the Selection Process for police officers which of the following describes a reason why it would NOT be difficult to fill job vacancies? :

A.     Weak economy.

B.     Deployment of qualified applicants to Iraq and Afghanistan. 

C.     Increased education requirements.

D.     High attrition because of retiring baby boomers.

14.     According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics which of the following is NOT a screening procedure used by municipal police agencies? :

A.     Written Aptitude test.

B.     Drug test.

C.     Psychological evaluation.

D.     Hand-eye coordination exam. 

15.     The Harvard Executive sessions on Policing identified 3 corporate strategies. Which of the following are not one of those strategies? :

A.     Community Policing

B.     Urban Policing

C.     Strategic Policing 

D.     Problem-Solving Policing

16.     Which of the following is NOT type of less-than-lethal Device/technique? :

A.     Choke hold.

B.     Taser.

C.     Tactical Shotgun

D.     Baton

17.     Which of the following are commonly reported consequences of job-related stress by police officers? : 

A.     Suicide.

B.     Alcohol and other substance abuse problems.

C.     Reduced efficiency.

D.     All of the above.

18.     In what year did the Equal Employment Opportunity Act begin? :

A.     1968.

B.     1991.

C.     1972.

D.     1964.

19.     Chapter 8, Dempsey, gives several reasons for police corruption. Which of the following is NOT one of them? :

A.     Police Subculture.

B.     Social Structural explanations.

C.     Police organization.

D.     Nurturing explanation.

20.     With regard to Police pursuits, chapter 9, which of the following is NOT a trait of a “Typical pursuit” based on the study by the California Highway Patrol? :

A.     Ends without an accident 80 percent of the time

B.     It involves at least two police cars.

C.     It starts as a traffic violation.

D.     It covers only a mile or so.

21.  Which of the following is a developer of the “Broken window model” theory of       policing? 

A.     Robert C. Trojanowicz.

B.     Wesley G. Skogan.

C.     Herman Goldstein.

D.     James Q. Wilson.

       22.   In 2010 Uniform Crime Reports revealed there to be how many murders in the U.S.?

A.     Nearly 6000.

B.     Nearly 22000.

C.     Nearly 16000.

D.     Nearly 15000.

   23.     In what year was the Mapp v. Ohio case adjudicated?

A.     1914

B.     1952

C.     1961

D.     1970

   24.     What year did AT&T introduce the 911 emergency number system?

A.     1948

B.     1968

C.     1988

D.     1978

    25.       Which of the following is not an example of International Terrorism?

A.     9/11 Attack

B.     U.S.S. Cole Attack

C.     Oklahoma City Federal Building Attack 

D.     1993 WTC Attack


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